Fusion at Gallery Thomas Jaeckel, NY

The artist says: “It could be like this or something else”, but these words only become really clear in her recent silver mirrored works, which can be seen here in this exhibition. The beginning of her works is inspired by the obvious influences of the formal geometric color forms of Bauhaus or the Russian Suprematism . Her intuitive forms, which then as now are derived from Tatjana Busch’s internal space, her body, from here, to finally be materialized by her hands in the exterior, appear more planned than they are. Now, however, her works are able to go beyond all art-historical leanings, even want to get rid of physical passages and reach freedom and openness. A freedom and openness, that the viewer must also surrender to completely, in order to open up the true dimensions of these works. Thus the light installation “Fusion” points into an expanded consciousness, wants to invite into an overall view, in which she transforms the viewer into a synthesis of light, form, color, sound and movement, in which  he loses himself, dissolves, finally unites with the artwork, in order to create a common, new cosmos. At first there is only the outer form of the curved, folded, silver shining sculpture “Fusion”But in it there is an inner, hidden form, which can be called the inner potential of the form. The inner form goes far beyond the visible. It is the energy, the attraction of these Art, that goes into the Environment  in the sense of an extra range, that wants to go beyond it. And these larger The ranges are made visible by the moving rays of light that touch the sculpture and create a living light drawings, light clouds and light worlds. And which thus outer form, which at first is so statically and seems unchangeable, always distorting anew, extending, changing. This art explores new boundaries, shows that form flows and flows. The empty space suddenly captures the observer, absorbing him or her, allowing him or her to become part of the artwork. The emptiness is no longer empty. Everything is connected with each other, merges into each other. The videos “Goldbubble”, or also “Hushbubble”, are two-dimensional in themselves, three-dimensionally dancing and mirroring water worlds, which are flowed through by magical energy clouds and are transformed into meditative sound worlds of the composer Wolfgang Schmid, from “Passport”. Where light orbits and others light beings, which then sink into the depths of a planetary universe and at the same time are reminiscent of the holistic thoughts,  the depths of one’s inner being. Then there are the snapshots from these kaleidoscopic movements. These are the photographic still lifes of “Fusion” or “Goldbubble” that make the perceiver believe, that the Now might be stated that one could stop the eternal flow of time and the expansion of space.But is that indeed so? Could it be like that or could it be else? The hope for a final answer is in vain. The demand of these works for freedom categorically excludes this. For it is freedom that says it could be like this or something else, and then leaves the viewer completely alone.

Kat Schütz

Videoloop, Hushbubble, 15 Min   Sound composed by Wolfgang Schmid Grandy