Pop the Bubble

Dreams are like soap bubbles. If you look at them, they are beautiful. If you reach for them, they burst. In the light performance, Pop The Bubble, a new dream just begins after the soap bubble bursts, when the end is actually expected. The result is a colored pigment carpet, which the pigment residues. Like a new artwork on the floor with each bubble bursting.The Lightperformance stands for the saying: dreams burst like soap bubbles, which can affect our attitude to dreams negatively. It is to be seen as a metaphor that expresses a new beginning in the bursting of the bubbles and the creation of the coloured, redesigned floor image at the same time. Disruption here lies in the liberation from  outdated Attitudes, traditional beliefs, opinions and proverbs,  that need to be reconsidered and possibly dissolved. A reference can be the Platon Cave Parable.